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The study of violin at the Academy develops skilled performers who are passionate about the instrument. It enables the students to accomplish a high level of proficiency and master the required technical approach.

The Academy’s step by step approach on how to learn violin is handled by a well-qualified teacher with many years of experience. In addition to studies with our expert faculty, students who learn violin are also provided with opportunities to perform at the Academy.

PROGRAMS: REGULAR (once a week)
QUALIFICATIONS: Trinity College London

* The above mentioned options will be subject to availability of slots

Exam preparation includes pieces, bowing exercises, scales, arpeggios, sight reading, aural, improvisation, etc. where the assessment is based on notational accuracy, fluency, technical ability, and presentation.

A few sample pieces from the syllabus:

Grade 3 (Foundation)

J.S. Bach – Gavotte
Puccini – O Mio Babbino Caro

Grade 5 (Intermediate)

Trory– Melody
Tchaikovsky – Waltz

Grade 8 (Advanced)

Brahms – Hungarian Dance no. 7 in G
Sibelius – Mazurka

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