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Saxophone music is always special and it is a unique instrument that plays a significant role in jazz bands and other ensembles. A saxophone solo in a song is so powerful that it helps in recollecting the song itself. The Academy gives the scope for a formal and thorough study of these instruments.

A systematic training program, primarily covering important techniques like tone, breath control and articulation is offered to the students. Performance opportunities ,in addition to being coached by expert faculty makes the learning more effective and interesting.

PROGRAMS: REGULAR (once a week)
QUALIFICATIONS: Trinity College London

* The above mentioned options will be subject to availability of slots

Exam preparation includes pieces, scales, arpeggios, sight reading, aural, improvisation, etc. where the assessment is based on notational accuracy, fluency, technical ability, and interpretation.

A few sample pieces from the syllabus:

Grade 3 (Foundation)

Rubenstein – Melody(Sax)
J S Bach – Minuet in G (Clarinet)

Grade 5 (Intermediate)

Roussel – Vocalise (Sax)
Tchaikovsky – June (Clarinet)

Grade 8 (Advanced)

Bozza – Pulcinella
Gates – Sonata for Clarinet (Clarinet)

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Saxophone, Clarinet & Trumpet