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The big list of enrolments here for piano lessons clearly shows that this instrument is a favourite to many people. The students across varied age groups are quite happy to study with the faculty, who are distinguished pedagogues. They study the best of playing techniques, and enjoy ample performance opportunities as they learn piano here.

PROGRAMS: REGULAR (once a week) / other options available
QUALIFICATIONS: Trinity College London

* The above mentioned options will be subject to availability of slots

Exam preparation includes pieces, scales, chord knowledge, sight reading, aural, improvisation, etc. where the assessment is based on notational accuracy, fluency, technical ability, and presentation.

A few sample pieces from the syllabus:

Grade 3 (Foundation)

Mozart – Menuett in F, K.5
Mendelssohn – Romance

Grade 5 (Intermediate)

Haydn – Allegro (1st movement from Sonata in C)
Beethoven – Bagatelle in G minor, op.119 no. 1

Grade 8 (Advanced)

Handel – Air and Variations in E
Brahms – Intermezzo op. 119 no. 3

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